Sunday, January 9, 2011

Not just food but in defence of the rom-com

Why are rom-coms essential?  rom-coms are essential because they chart the super-reality of painful real life moments in romance but with the insertion of comedy that makes this pain bearable.  I know the latest trend, of which I, myself, am guilty, is to discuss ad nauseam, the fine performance of Gosling and Williams in the super arty 'Blue Valentine'.  Such conversations are punctuated and yes, even by yours truly, with words like, 'the deterioration of romance'.  But it is not trendy to talk about the tried and still being tested, rom-com.  I mean it is the rom-com that comes along when movies like Blue Valentine, infused with miseries of love gone curdled and saves us.  It saves us by exploring and expounding the realities of romance, much like Blue Valentine but the saving part occurs, when it portrays the inevitable misery through a rambling, falling-over over furniture, Kate Hudson or the quintessential rom-com actor, Diane Keaton  I think it is the simultaneous experience and removal of reality that ultimately makes the rom-com essential in this cruel cruel world...Ben Harper could write a song about that.

That was the first in a brief, five part series on the joys of romancing the dot coms!  I think, that's right!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Life advice deep-fried ricealls

Deep frying is a joy, I think that book should be renamed...

Anyway this is one with all the usual suspects.  There's egg, flour and customised breadcrumbs for added flavour. 


3 - 4 eggs
1-2 cups of flour (as usual, the measurements are intentionally vague but certain, to encourage your own proportions and taste)
Breadcrumbs.  My breadcrumbs are store bought but seasoned with stock powder, pepper, chilli powder and sometime chives but not in this case.
Enough oil for deep frying, maybe a cup or two if you seek a vague suggestion from yours truly. 

Left over risotto.


1.  Gather enough risotto to make a ball which is 40 -50 centimetres in diameter or smaller if you like. 
Turn this ball out in your palms till it is nice and smooth. 

2.  Roll risotto ball in the flour, then egg and finally into the breadcrumbs.  Don't be conservative with this last part, this is where that crunch comes from, upon frying.  This is a repeated process for most crumbed goodies but I never tire of it.  The joys of deep frying are too immense to list here but you may e-mail the writer for a free and faxed fact sheet!

3.  Heat the oil on high and then fry a couple of balls at a time, until golden brown or if you are like me, till charred and then you just take two.  Deep frying is a bit like life, if at first you fry too hard and the results are charred just try again, till you reach a nice golden brown.  Please also use metal and not plastic utensils when retrieving the balls, trust me, this is tried and tested.  I was only an adolescent at the time. 

4.  Enjoy with your own tried and tested condiments.  I ate mine with sweet chilli sauce and mango chutney, I think that's what that was.